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Our Story


Avery was born on August 6th 2018. We had no idea anything was wrong with Avery other than she was small while I was carrying her. After 7 weeks in the NICU and now 4 years later we have yet to have a diagnosis for Avery. Avery’s needs are big, she is g-tube fed, blind, nonverbal, and non-mobile. 

However, this is our story, there are many other children and adults just like Avery with similar needs. I never would have thought I would be a mother to a special needs child. Most of the parents out there don’t imagine it either. But there was a reason, and I truly believe that God hand places each one of these special people with the perfect family. Since the day Avery was born I was determined to do BIG things for the special needs community. The special needs population is growing rapidly and there are not near enough resources for the need. My goal from the moment Avery was born was to give her the same opportunities that my other children have. As a mother there is nothing more heartbreaking than having to look at her and say you “can’t” do that. Not because she doesn’t want to but because there aren’t the resources for her to do it.

Avery’s light was created to bring the resources needed to the special needs community. I never want to hear that a child can’t go to a playground, attend a specific school, or doesn’t get the equipment that would help them develop a new skill because they don’t have the resources. We are placing special needs kids with a one on one para, paying for a medical van to send special needs kids to camp, and assisting with getting adaptive parks in our communities. We are starting in northern Colorado but the need is BIG. From the moment we began our journey with Avery’s light the need has been so vast that we have to turn opportunities away.



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